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Though a process of design and development, MSF have created several gas burning systems that can create many different types of scenarios from engine fires, full fuselage fires and undercarriage fires. These fires are very realistic and can be made with a recommended pilot system from a remote pendant.

LPG has a very low flash point making it a safe gas to use, it is environmentally friendly, safe to use on the atmosphere and ozone layer and does not contaminate the surrounding area or fire ground.

As companies become increasingly aware of the effect their fuel burning has on the environment many are chosing to convert the fuel source for their  simulators to LPG. Additional qualities are a quick set up and shut down time, and very difficult to extinguish.

MSF provide a competetive and efficient  service to convert most simulators from the existing fuel source to LPG.  To get a full run down on the potential benefits of a conversion please contact Mick Bates at our Leicester office.

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