Service FAQ's

Why do I need a Service Contract ?

The most overpowering reason for taking  out an MSF service contract for your Hot Fire Training equipment is the need to meet your legal and statutary obligations and ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

An MSF service contract  will reduce downtime, reduce costly repairs, access to lower priced parts, and reductions on other costs for repairs and training.


Are all contracts the same ?

No. Each contract is modified to suit each type of equipment, and your particular requirements. Basic examples of a service timetable include ;

Fire Extinguisher Trainers

12 monthly

Kerosene Burning Simulators

6 Monthly

LPG Burning Simulators

6 Monthly

LPG Burning Simulators (with Pilot Light)

3 Monthly

What do you check ?

MSF has a set Planned Preventative Maintenance Plan for every type of simulator  available. These are modified to suit your requirements with your assistance and co-operation.

All areas of the simulator are inspected and checked safe for use.  These consist of ;

Control Services

Scenarios and associated equipment

Structural Inspection

Safety and Emergency systems

Upon completion of each service a full written report is submitted within 7 working days. The report will list any defects found, reccomended works required or changes in operating procedures. In addition to the service report, subject to thecorrection of any defects, a certificate of service will be issued for your health and safety file. 

What does it cost ?

As each service agreement is tailored for your individual requirements we cannot provide costs in this site. All of our customers have benefitted from cost savings by taking out and MSF service agreement. It would be our pleasure to provide you with a free quotaion for all your Hot Fire Training Equipments requirements.  Contact Us Today.

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